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From june 14th to june 16th I went to San Francisco and surroundings to a Fedora event called BAMF Pi Fun. So first of all, BAMF stands for "Bay Area Mentoring Fedorans", which is a very cool group of people who try to teach Fedora and free software/hardware in general around the Bay Area. I was invited to the event by Mark Terranova (MarkDude). Jono Bacon described him as: Beautiful and weird. So as you can imagine, this guy is pretty fun and smart. Great friend! this guy is friend with everyone in the world :P check his cool suite he wore at the geeknic :P

So the first day (friday) we worked on some raspberry pi projects. We started to build what we called a "fedora box" which is a wooden box with a screen inside of it, and some space for a keyboard, mouse, maybe a camera and stuff. We want this box to be used at events (like the event box) so people won't have to carry their own laptops and raspberry pies and stuff to show Fedora, and to show how amazing it is, running on the computer, but also running on a Raspberry Pi using Pidora, the new Fedora distro for the raspberry pi (if you haven't use it, try it!, yeah, go ahead try it now!). On that day I also manage to meet another fedora ambassador: Ryansinger.

The second day we continued working on the Fedora box, this time another fellow helped us working with the wood(en box). We designed the box so everything could fit in. So when you open the box you could see the screen, the keyboard, a mouse, and over the box a camera connected to the Raspberry Pi. We made a simple demo using the Fedora photobooth. After we took the pictures, a QR code was generated so people could take a picture of it and download the picture. We also built a small RC car using the Raspberry Pi.

On that same day, in the coworking space we were working on, we met two cool girls who are volunteers on a project called 1/4Tech, an awesome project where they are trying to teach technology and geeky stuff to kids. As they describe in their webpage: 1/4Tech is a room dedicated to K-12 kids to LEARN and BUILD all things tech in a fun and safe environment. We talked a lot with these girls, about their projects and ours, and we promise to work together and help each other. MarkDude donated a computer to them, and he promised to donate more (the donated computer and the future ones use Fedora), and we will give support to them. We were very excited about all this! (:

The last day, we had an awesome geeknic, where I met other people like akk, an awesome girl who knows a lot about electronics! We had some hotdogs and talked about geek stuff =p this day was more relax and to make new friends.

So we made good progress on the weekend building the fedora box, we met could girls working for a project in which now they use Fedora, and I met a lot of great people! Thanks to everyone who helped me to go there, and who are still helping me a lot in everything!

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