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Startup Weekend Tijuana 2013


Well on this weekend I went to the Startup Weekend again. For those who know just a little about SUW, this is an event in which you try to build a company (product or service, usually tech-related) and you have three days to make a prototype and a business model. At the end you present your ideas to some judges (who are usually investors), and the best product wins.

I went there last year and competed with "Shapping", an intelligent shopping car using RFID, where we won third place. This time I wasn't going to go but a friend of mine told me he had already bought the ticket but he couldn't go anymore, so I bought him his ticket. So on friday I met some old and new friends and we built the teams. I got into a team a friend presented called "LanPie", which is basically a custom router built over a Raspberry Pi. So on that friday we wrote many ideas and gave rolls to everyone and we also decided that we would not try to win, but just try to make the prototype and have fun. We all went to sleep like at 01:00.

On saturday I arrived like at 09:00 and started coding using django. I was in charge of programming the back-end for the router portal, which was basically connecting the html to the bash scripts that were the ones who managed all the RPI network. That day we met some mentors from whom we received a lot of help: Mario and Merrick Lozano, who own a really cool marketing company called prleap, and Edgar. They gave us a lot of great tips (: We really thank you! At night we gave a "test pitch", in which the organizers were the judges, and they told us we sucked, that we were the worst team. After arguing with them we drunk a lot of beer over there and continued working until 05:00 of sunday. We made the webpage and wrote the link on many forums. It was like a "buy it now" page, but obviously when you clicked on it and after writing your name, address and stuff, it said something like "This was just a test to see if someone would like to buy it".

On sunday I returned like at 13:30 just when I woke up. By that time, we already had 6 "virtual orders" that were made from our webpage. For us 6 orders were awesome! In just a few hours six people tried to buy our LanPie, and we where very excited. We finished working on the project and then later on it was show time! After all the ideas were presented and the judges gathered together to discuss whatever they were discussing, they announced the winners starting from the third place. It was a surprise when LanPie was announced as the winner! We were all very happy and excited! And we talked about continue our work. So what we are gonna do is continue working on it and after we have one functional LanPie, we are gonna kickstart and start selling it (:

Thanks to all my team! You guys rock! It was a fun weekend!

New blog


So, this is my new blog. I had the last one very abandoned, but I'll try to post to this one regularly. So, for those who are new, my real name is Ruben (biker at Freenode), and I am a geek guy who likes computers and many technology-related stuff. Welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy it (:

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